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13 November 2018


Raden Andriansyah - Raden Sastradjumena Files

Minya Herba Sinergi - Resonansi Alam
Minyak Herba Sinergi (Minyak Bubut)

Jual MINYAK HERBA SINERGI (MINYAK BUBUT) - jagapati online | Tokopedia: Jual MINYAK HERBA SINERGI (MINYAK BUBUT) ,HNI HPAI HERBAL dengan harga Rp 45.000 dari toko online jagapati online, Kab. Bogor. Cari product Obat Herbal lainya di Tokopedia. Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di Tokopedia.

Miraculous and multi-benefit oil made from various herbs naturally and divinely (ilahiah) preserved. MINYAK HERBA SINERGI contains special herbal ingredients, including those used by Coucal birds to build it nest. Since a long time ago people believe this oil is effective for broken bones, dislocated, and many other diseases.


Broken bones: Heat the oil and rub it on the broken parts, then wrap it with a cloth. For massage/scrub: This oil is ideal for massage as it won’t damage the skin nerves. Hemorrhoids: Apply it on the infected area Hypertension and stroke: Heat the oil, rub it on the nape and painful body part.
Insect bites & small wounds: pour the oil on a cotton pad and paste it on the wounded area. Burt wound: Gently rub the oil on the wounded area, and do it repeatedly. Diarrhea (food poisoning): Drink a half tablespoon of the oil together with warm water. Stomach distension: Heat the oil and gently massage the stomach with it repeatedly in a circular motion. Flatulence (children): Heat the oil, rub it on a betel leaf, and put the leaf on the child’s stomach. Asthma (children): Give a half teaspoon of the oil to the child before bed, rub the oil on the chest, then cover the child with a blanket. Frequently crying at night baby: Rub the oil on the forhead. Children’s frequent night urination: Rub the oil on the navel/ belly button before bed and drink the HPAI premium natural honey. Menopause woman: Relieving thr pain when having intercourse with the spouse


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